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EDIT: Ok I was wrong, warp core stabilizers are awesome for this. Everything written below still applies, but just train up warp core stabilizers and fit them instead of nanofibers. Thanks!, also i had a deliquent understanding of how fw standing works, so switching factions will stop working if you do fw enough, i highly suggest sticking with gallente, as they are by far the most...stable....faction.

Note: just reposting the mail here so I can edit it and make it availible to people when out of game, this is for sure not up to wiki standards, but I hope to improve it over time.

As we all know, BNI is a newbie corp, because of this, many new players find it hard to make isk, as the most lucrative methods require "skills", ships, or skills that new players don't have or know. So without further ado:

How To Make Isk From a Factional Warfare Alt.

A few Notes:

This does not really work on a trial account, as you cannot give money to your alt and vice versa.

Creating and training your character will take approximately 4 hours and 20minutes. You will lose this training time on your main account, but personally, piles on piles of isk is worth 4:20 of Sp.

My ideal setup with this is to do fw for around 30 minutes a day, and make enough isk to fund all pvp efforts.

My Estimated figure for isk/hour is optimally ~100mill/hour. Keep in mind that things often do not as smoothly as planned, and isk/hour usually decreases the longer you stay in the same area.

STEP 0, An Overview of Factional Warfare

this is the best general guide to factional warfare I can find.

Read all of it

STEP 1, Make a FW Alt

-Log into your account, so you are looking at the log in screen. You should see your main character's pretty face on the left side, with two empty boxes below. Click on one of those boxes.

-You have now entered character creation. Select Gallente (no, I don’t care if you don’t like gallente, pick gallente because they have the best ships for our use, as well as being very near the center of the eve universe)

-finish creating your character. Upon entering the game immediately log out and log into your main character. Add your new alt to your contacts list and give him 3 million isk (I do hope you have that much at least). Pause your training queue on your main account.

-log back out and then in to your alt: Immediately purchase these skills:


High Speed Maneuvering

Hull upgrades

-Navigate to Character sheet (your face)->attributes->remap now and put as many points as possible into intelligence, with the rest into perception (should end up with 27 intelligence and 21 perception): Thanks to Amanda Rekenwhith for this tip

-Queue Afterburner to train to III and Hull upgrades to train to I – As soon as this is done train High Speed Maneuvering to I (move on to STEP 2 while you are waiting)

-After you are done training all the skills, log back into your main character and unpause your training queue.

STEP 2, Fitting your Ships.

-Fly to dodixie and dock at the Federation Navy Assembly Planet (this is the gallente market hub). There are no med bays here, but if you pick gallente as your faction (more on that in Step 3), you will want to set up a clone nearby.

-once there, buy these items:

1x Atron

1x Imicus

3x Beta Hull Mod Nanofiber Internal Structure

3x Beta Hull Mod Expanded Cargo

2x limited 1mn microwarpdrive

-Fit the Atron with one microwarpdrive and the nanofibers. Fit the Imicus with the other mwd and the expanded cargoholds

-The atron is your plexing ship. The Imicus is your transport ship (the Imicus should never leave highsec!), you will use this to transport your Loyalty Point rewards to a market hub to sell. The reason we are using an atron over other tackle frigates is that it can fit 3 nanofibers, meaning it is the fastest frig with the skills we have, as well as having the fastest align time.

STEP 3, Joining a faction.

Though it may seem obvious to join gallente (as it is the character you created), but there are other factors to consider, most notably what tier that faction is and the ease and efficiency of plexing in the friendly systems of that faction.

For instance, currently caldari is T3, and gallente is T2, while that may seem like an easy pick to the caldari side, many of the gallente systems are highly contested (<90%). Therefore you will get more loyalty points from gallente than caldari. This situation changes frequently however, so be sure to check the militia offices to see what is the best choice (I personally like choosing gallente or caldari, as they have better market hubs and generally less conflict over the amarr/minmatar areas).

-You WILL change sides as the situation changes, you want to always be on the side where you can get the most LP with the least resistance. Be sure to change sides only AFTER cashing in loyalty points so that you don’t have split loyalty points that you can’t use unless you leave fw temporarily.

-Pick the faction you think is best, if you are not sure, you can ask me and I will tell you what I think the current best choice is.

-Whatever faction you pick, you will want to set up your clone at or near the market hub for that faction and dock your transport frigate at the market hub.

Amarr: Amarr

Minmatar: Hek

Caldari: JITA!

Gallente: Dodixie

STEP 4, Standard Plexing (bread and butta)

-Now, the plexing we are doing is of the farmy variety, we are not trying to take systems from the enemy faction (we actually prefer if they get our systems more contested), we are not trying to fight off enemies (we have no guns, soo……), we are not trying to make friends within our faction (though being friendly can’t hurt), we are trying to make the most isk possible with an 80k sp character (we are terrible, terrible people).

-The primary type of plexing we are doing is defensive plexing, namely because the npc’s won’t attack us in plexes of our own faction (yes they still appear red, but DON’T SHOOT THEM). However it can be very lucrative to offensively plex where one has already been activated (you see it in your overview) and no one is there (more on how to determine that in a bit), because often times someone else will have killed the npc, but been chased off the plex before they could cap it.

-The most important part of successfully plexing is picking the best system or group of systems. The only sure-fire way is trial and error, but the best way to make an educated guess at a possibly good area to plex is to look for the most contested blue systems in the factional warfare tab, and then go on the map and look for the least busy system out of the highly contested systems.

-I like trying to pick a route of nearby good-to-average systems of both the red and blue variety. Then, I go down the route and whenever I find an empty system with good plexing to be had, I stay there as long as no one bothers me, and when that happens I just move to the new system rather than trying to somehow juke the aggressor.

-Once in the plex, as far away from the beacon while still being inside the capture radius, and just stop there (have the star or some other object selected for quick warping when needed)

STEP 5, D-Scan

-Set your D-Scan to have a range of 150,000km and 360 degree angle. This is approximately the distance between the acceleration gate and the beacon, +about 50000km to see people warping to the plex a little bit early.

-Whenever you are in a plex or warping to a plex, SPAM this, you should always be doing this 100% of the time.

-This is your single most important tool for not dying when plexing. It allows you to do two things.

1. Prevent someone ambushing you in a plex

-Whenever someone (always assume they are hostile until proven otherwise) warps to the plex you are in, they will come up on your D-Scan (assuming you are spamming it), with about 5 seconds forewarning until they land. Once that happens it will usually (at minimum) take another 5 seconds before they land on the beacon inside the plex. At this point two things happen.

they are purple or green, and unless they start locking you (there are a few people that kill friendly ships inside plexes to steal plex) you are good to let them chill with you (you do get less LP reward, but in my experience the added safety of another pilot is usually worth it).

They are not purple or green. If they are orange, this means they are a faction war target, and will most likely stay in the plex after you leave. Now is a good time to leave and find another system or plex. If they are not orange, it means they are neutral. HOWEVER, in this case neutrals can be more dangerous than factional warfare targets because they are only interested in killing you and will often follow you to other plexes or systems. In my experience the best way to deal with these types is to fly as far away as you possibly can from the beacon (get out of the capture radius) with mwd on, and check overview to make sure none are going faster than you. If they cannot run you down, they will eventually leave, and you can resume plexing. On the other hand, if they have someone flying faster than you, you need to GTFO and move to another system, no questions asked.

-Back on the topic of D-Scan, the other use is making sure a plex is empty. Upon warping to the acceleration gate simply check to see if there is anyone on the other side. If there is, it is usually best to go somewhere else, unless you know the person inside is friendly.

STEP 6, Stealing Plex, the forbidden art.

-This is considered kind of….mean…we already are participating in an activity that most of the “real” fw’ers consider a sort of exploit and very, very, scrublike. This is considered even more dastardly. Proceed with Caution!

-The most efficient way of doing this, once you have a good idea that a friendly is inside a plex, is to warp in, quickly check how much time is left on the plex, write it down, and warp out (so it looks like you are just a noob who forgot to D-scan before entering the plex). Go run down a plex somewhere else in system, and when you estimate 2 to 3 minutes is left on the plex (a watch or clock is useful), warp back to the friendly’s plex and hope in for some instant LP.

-as you can imagine, this is kind of a douche move, so after stealing the plex and taking the plex you were running down, I would leave the system. People can usually stand to have their plex stolen once, but doing it multiple times WILL get you shot.

-BE NICE WHEN YOU STEAL STUFF. I cannot stress how much of a difference it makes to be having a nice conversation in local (include the wt’s, they are nice people too), and endearing yourself to the people you will soon be stealing plex from. If they like you, they most likely won’t shoot you the first time you steal plex, and usually they won’t even be mad. However if some faceless plexing alt (you) that hasn’t said anything suddenly pops into a medium plex with 8 seconds left, people will get pissed and will shoot at you.


So, you are sitting here with like…..200k LP, and you want to turn that into 200mill (1k isk/lp is what I consider the standard conversion rate). Doing so can be tricky, but never fear, spreadsheets are here.

This website calculates a whole bunch of stuff, and ends up telling you the isk/lp ratio on every item you can buy. I suggest going by Jita buy prices as they are more consistent and are less often manipulated compared to sell prices (but still only go for items with large quantities of orders). If you are going to sell somewhere other than jita, check prices on, as they often vary a bit.

In order to spend your LP, you need to go to a station belonging to the milita of your faction.

Caldari: State Protectorate

Gallente: Federal Defense Union

Amarr: 24th Imperial Crusade

Minmatar: Tribal Liberation Force

Click on your militia, go to settled systems, and find one that is close to you (use the show on map function).

Once you know where you are going and what you want to convert, you need to make sure you purchase all the required items and isk that you need (for example, to get faction ammo you have to have the required lp, isk, and 5000 of the standard version of the ammo).

Now that you have everything, get in your transport ship and make the runs, and watch as the isk ROLLLLSSS in.


(these are just random little things I have found can be useful when plexing, in no particular order)

Bouncing: If you are unsure of whether a friendly or enemy is inside a plex, activate the acceleration gate, and immediately spam warp to the sun. The atron has an align time of 2.7 seconds, so you won’t be locked 99% of the time. If you see that a friendly is inside, you can use ctrl+space to cancel the warp, and check the time on the plex

Attrition: Occasionally a wt afterburner fit brawler will warp into your plex (incursuses and merlins are commonly fit like this). If this happens you can try to keep both out of scram range (scram can reach out to 18km overloaded, so be careful) and inside the capture radius. If you get lucky and are good at manually piloting, your opponent will get impatient and leave, and you can resume plexing.

Checking local: whenever I enter a system that looks to be good for plexing, I check the info for every player in local. There are two things you are looking for, security status and player age. Players with high sec status usually are mission runners, ratters, or miners and won’t bother you. Players with low sec status (>+1.0) usually won’t be bothered by the thought of killing a neutral, so be careful around those players. Anyone who is a suspect or criminal is most likely hunting players, so I would advise avoiding them at all costs. For war targets, checking age can be very useful. Any player who is less than two months old most likely can’t kill the npc cruisers that reside in the medium plexes, and therefore cannot contest you in those situations (d-plexing only of course). Check the employment history to see when they joined the noob corp, as that is their creation date.

Chatting: I have found it highly beneficial to chat with players in local: friendly, enemy, neutral whatever. Many people look down on those who run from fights or use plexing alts, and will sometimes take it upon themselves to hunt you down. If you have to warp out of a plex due to pressure, expressing surprise in local and going on to say you have no guns, and then explaining about how you are a hardcore pvper in BNI and how you just have to pay for all the ships you lose to PL hotdrops (:P), will often times make people less likely to hate you, and you don’t want people to hate you, because if they do, they can kill you with ease. The worst thing you can do is make people think you are a “carebear.”


This is probably a terrible guide, I don’t have the best control of grammar, I wrote this while watching the HOTS launch party (<3 sc2), and I just kind of threw my thoughts down with no planning or organization. If you find it helpful, GREAT! If you find issues (there are surely many), please alert me to them and I will fix the uploaded version of the guide (I can’t edit this original mail). Since I have spent the last week or so crowing about how fw was, I felt obligated to explain it, at least a little bit.

I am also sure I forgot to right some things that are pretty important, so if something doesn’t make sense just ask me and I will gladly answer any questions and add them to the guide.




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